Henny, Job and Julio, together with Ben Vermeulen and Jaap de Wit, formed Match. Their successful single Maggie´s ambitious Mother, again was produced by Hans Vermeulen.
Margriet and the new Lucifer, had a small hit with Selfpity in that same year.
In the meantime I already had gone to Zwanenburg, between Haarlem and Amsterdam. Just married with one of Lia's best friends; we had to try to build a new future together.
Along the Haarlemmer "Ringvaart", with on the other side the well-known sugar plant in the village of Halfweg, we opened a new soundstudio after many months of hard work. Peter Erdmann and Wim Bussemaker also joined the opening party.
It was like a fairy-tale!
6. On the 8th of January 1975, Henny and Lia and Margriet and Dick married!
Scarlet Lady, also written by Gloria Sklerov and Harry Lloyd, became the second hit-single.
As Hans Vermeulen stopped his relation with the record company, and as a result also with the three from the Zaan; it meant the end of a successful formula. Guitarist Job Netten and the dark singer/ percussionist Julio Wilson came to reinforce the formation. In 1977 this Lucifer ¨burned down¨.